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You can not write the word “ignorance”. The future is on sale.

Push aside and laugh at the karmic tale saying it’s superstition.

the “glitchy” part in the beginning is why i’m alive

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[HaruRin] Shin Sannensei ga Dekakeru Hanashi



新三年生がでかける話/遙凛 | ますみわたる new third-years outing story
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Translation & Typeset: nanatsuji-ya.tumblr


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Because the other one was missing momotarou ( ̄3 ̄)~


[Title]: Nine Days Book 1
[Artist/Circle] Sanagi/Haru no Ie 
[Rating]: PG
[Pages]: 87
[Pairing]: Shinjiro/Minako
[More Translations] Here.

[Direct Reading link]: Here.

[Notes]: This is the first part of a series of doujin books by Sanagi. The main timeline is made up of three books that follow the main plot of Persona 3 Portable with some additions and a focus on Minako’s and Shinjiro’s growth as characters (though all of the character are nicely done really.) She also has a few other doujin short stories, etc. that follow this timeline, and some others that do not. …She seems to have moved on to different fandoms for now, however. Basically, if you wanted the P3P version of the Persona 3 manga, this would be about as close as you could get to it, pairing-focus aside.

Sanagi is my favorite doujin artist so far, and I debated whether or not to release these scans publicly or not. I’ve been working hard on this series for awhile on my own and put a lot of time and effort into this series particularly. Share the scans all you want, but I’d appreciate not seeing these scans pop up somewhere with some website’s watermarks on them.

Also, if you can afford it, if you have any interest and opportunity of supporting Sanagi directly, I recommend taking the time to buy her works. She’s working mainly in the Uta no Prince-sama and Persona 4 fandoms right now. She attends cons that many proxies will run pick-up for, and her works are usually initially listed on Toranoana or C-Queen/K-Books, which are even easier to order via proxy. I’m sure she would appreciate the support.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mini Yamazaki Sousuke | Episode 4


Free! Eternal Summer - episode 4


next time chrom… next time


next time chrom… next time


。+☆メロメロイリュージョン☆+。/。+☆水のイリュージョン☆+。 by ウチこし
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You people and your need to marry your own dorky son.

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*hides red face in pillow*


Seeing his smiling sprite for the first time caught me off guard so much I had to put my PSP down for a minute.


Seeing his smiling sprite for the first time caught me off guard so much I had to put my PSP down for a minute.